Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co., Ltd

Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co., Ltd. is China’s biggest ISO 9001:2000 approved manufacturer of graphic-arts film (Image setting film and contact film) and offset plates. The brand HUAGUANG is also ISO14001:2004 and ISO9001:2008 compliant and is well known across 57 countries in the world. HUAGUANG’s product line includes CTP Plate Thermal TP-II / TP-U/ TP-G Processless, CTP Plate Violet PPVS Photopolymer, Violet Plate – PPV6 Low Chemical, CTP Plate Ultraviolet positive, PS Plate conventional, Printing Plate – Flexographic, Recording film – Red Laser, Printing film, Polyester films, Compatible chemicals and bases. Flexography is the fastest-growing printing process. It offers the advantages of printing on a variety of different materials like film, foil, plastic, paper and board using a wide range of inks and printing with high speeds and appealing quality. Huaguang’s Flexographic Printing Plate has several applications within the packaging industry such as labels, flexible packaging, corrugated, sacks, bags and folding cartons. With a factory production capacity of 30 million sqm for conventional offset plate (analogue offset plate), 25 million sqm for thermal CTP plate, 10 million sqm for Violet CTP plate and 25 million sqm for graphic-arts films, Huaguang is continuously contributing to the development of printing technology.