VARTA is the No.1 brand of batteries and mobile power solutions from Germany. A competitive, quality brand in Europe and CIS countries, VARTA is also popular in the Middle East for its alkaline, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers and portable power systems.

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With an extraordinary history of German engineering and pioneering for over a 100 years, VARTA is continuously researching for dynamic, high performing, mobile power solutions as per the constantly evolving consumer needs.

Whether it’s for personal use or professional needs, VARTA delivers precisely the right energy – for almost every need. VARTA batteries have significantly longer lasting performance and higher power compared to other competition brands.

Just like in sports, in which each discipline places different energy demands on the athletes, battery driven devices also demand different types of energy. With its TriEnergy concept, VARTA is leading the way in the alkaline mass market. Endurance, power and precise energy are the supporting pillars of the VARTA TriEnergy concept.