Savvy Studio & Stores LLC

We are proud to be Savvy !!

Photos have taken a prominent place in our lives. It has found place in personal photo albums, newspapers and print media to the current internet and social media. Photos capture real expressions that cannot be spoken in words. In other words, photos freezes moments in time. Take for instance for those many who chose to frame their personal favourite pictures on the walls of homes, inside their office cubicle or on their key chains or wallets. It is a source of happiness for them. For corporates, the right pictures and images of their products or service communicates their business profile well when shown to their customers. Visuals are more powerful than words and shall always remain the same in the future.

We understand this concept very well and make sure we exceed expections of customers who visits us.

We invite you to experience this modern studio, we invite you to be Savvy !

Our Services are :

  • Studio centre photography
  • Digital Printing of images from any media
  • Photocopy, Fax and Lamination Services
  • Transfer to DVD services
  • Personalized Gift Photography services
  • Candid photography, Wedding photography , event photography
  • Architecture and interiors photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Food Photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Documentary photography
  • Night Photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Sport photography
  • Street Photography
  • Animal & Pets photography
  • Other products Frames, Albums and Camera Batteries