China’s well known trademark HUAGUANG brand of products comes from the state-owned enterprise LUCKY HUAGUANG GRAPHICS CO LTD that manufactures offset printing plates, graphic-arts films, flexo resin printing plates, digital printers, prepress system solutions and consumables to serve printing industry requirements globally. The product profile includes CTP plate, flexo plate, PCB films that compete with the other brands in markets globally.

The growing popularity of the Huaguang brand shows the trust that our dealers and end consumers have in Huaguang. Huaguang as a brand is also committed to China’s twelfth series of 5 year plans of green printing. The company as per the strategy for eco friendly printing has successively launched a series of green offset printing plates including the processless thermal plate, the processless CTCP plate, Low Chem CTCP plate, and a series of conventional flexographic and digital flexographic products, which can effectively reduce emissions Рall under the Huaguang name.

Today Huaguang production output is more that 100 million square meters of offset plate, one million square meters of flexographic plate 20 million square meters of silver halide film; 5,000 tons of polyester film; 700,000 square meters of flexographic plate and 10 million square meters of PCB film A new production line for environment friendly digital printing plates under construction has an annual capacity of 24 million square meters, and the digital flexographic production line has an annual production capacity of 300,000 square meters.